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Applied Mechanics for Machinery
First semester
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Learning outcomes of the course unit

At the end of the class, students should be able to understand, modify and design high performance automation systems.



Course contents summary

The course deals with concepts of robotics and flexible automation.
Hardware and software components for advanced automation systems will be discussed.

Course contents

- History of automation.
- Applications of flexible and non-flexible autoamtion
- Types of robots and their features.

- Rigid body kinematics.
- Rotation matrices and quaternions.
- Direct and inverse kinematics.
- Jacobians and kinematic singularities.
- Motion profiles.
- Feedback and feedforward control schemes.

- Stepper, brushless, linear motors and other actuators.
- Sensors and feedback systems, absolute/relative/multiturn encoders.
- Reducers for robots.
- Linear guides and components for actuators.
- Examples of joint designs.
- Grippers and other end effectors.
- Embedded systems.
- Real-time operating systems
- Fieldbuses.

- Mobile robots, AGV.
- Parallel kinematics robots.
- Robot offline/online programming.
- Vision and artificial intelligence.
- Numerical methods for kinematics and dynamics.

Recommended readings

P.L. MAGNANI, G. RUGGIERI: Meccanismi per macchine automatiche. UTET, ISBN-10: 8802040249.

G. LEGNANI: Robotica industriale, CEA, ISBN-10: 8808086313

Teaching methods

Lessons and projects developed as group homework, for instance building small robots or developing custom software.

Assessment methods and criteria

Final exam, in form of a discussion of about twenty minutes on four random topics from the program.
Students that decided to develop the optional group projects need to show the result of the project to the professor in a previous moment, during office hours. The vote ranges in the 0-30 inteval, with a 3 point penalty for students that decided not to do the optional group project.