Admission test

For admission to the Master’s Degree course in Mechanical Engineering, students should have a university degree or diploma awarded following a three-year course, or another qualification taken abroad and recognized as equivalent.
Before enrolment, students’ possession of curricular requisites must be verified, along with the level of their personal preparation, according to methods specified below, and comprehensively defined in the course’s academic regulations.

1) Curricular requisites
The curricular requisites necessary for enrolment regard the number of credits attained in groups of scientific subject sectors pertaining to the academic activities in the Class of Degrees in Industrial Engineering (Class L-9, Ministerial Decree 270/2004, and Class n° 10, Ministerial Decree 509/1999). The Academic Regulations for the course specify these groups, quantifying the respective credits. Any curricular corrections, in terms of the attainment of further university credits, must be performed before the assessment of individual preparation.

2) Assessment of the level of personal preparation
The assessment of personal preparation is always performed, and it is considered as separate from the possession of curricular requisites. Assessment of individual preparation can be considered as having been performed if the student’s qualification required for access to the Master Degree course was attained with a mark not lower than a certain minimum mark as stated in the Academic Regulations. If this is not the case, a student’s personal preparation is performed by means of methods described in the Academic Regulations, by a specially-convened Commission for individual interviews, whose results are certified and are valid for successive enrolment.
Any necessary integration of personal preparation must be completed by the student before enrolment. The efficacy of this integration is assessed by means of progress tests regarding the subject matter specifically indicated by the above-mentioned Commission, according to methods specified in the Academic Regulations. These tests do not confer credits that contribute to the attainment of the Master’s Degree.

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